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Embrace chaos: reconnect with nature, each other and self

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We tend to bounce from crisis to crisis and are increasingly confronted with the delusion of the day. Our vital systems and institutions are outdated and no longer meet the demands of the modern age. We have made the planet and humanity subservient to the economy. The multiple system crisis affects us deeply and confronts us with intractable and persistent problems. It is time for action. What does this mean for government? For businesses? And for ourselves? How do we create together – in radical interdependency – a world that nearly everyone longs for?

From Moment to Movement

We need a new paradigm where structural uncertainty is the starting point. We can no longer stop, reduce and think away these big challenges. It is time for action. How can we permanently connect with the unleashed future?


Every crisis is a form of imbalance, a system that is out of sync. To resolve the triple, structural imbalance in our markets and society, we must reconnect. With nature. With each other and with ‘Self’ – the profound purpose.

Black Swans – not knowing in ignorance

Reconnect with nature

Man has placed himself above nature and made the planet subservient to the economy. This immoral superiority has led in recent decades to the massive destruction of nature and to the extinction of tens of thousands of species. The world will survive without humanity, but how do we ensure our well-being on a healthy planet?

How can and should we reconnect with nature, recognizing that we humans are nature too?

Future of raw materials

Scarcity in abundance

Our modern society is based on the availability of raw materials and the relentless and destructive pursuit of them. Seventeen essential earth metals are abundant in the earth’s resources, but are disproportionately distributed across continents and difficult to extract.

What does this mean for our future, our prosperity and also our well-being? How can we manage and accelerate the transition of raw materials?

Sustainable entrepreneurship

The 10X Factor

In turbulent times, with many uncertainties and risks, new, exponential and above all sustainable organizations are emerging . They outperform their competitors by ten times in all aspects. What is the secret of these exponential organizations and how do they put the 10X factor into practice?

How do you as an organization anticipate the unleashed future and how can you seize the opportunities that are currently beyond your reach or field of vision?

Expedition Futurama

Reconnect with each other

Social and economic inequality among people is increasing and is a rising source of social unrest and distrust against government and business. We need a new foundation,  a resilient and compassionate society at its very heart. An inclusive economy allows everyone access to develop their potential and unleash the passion which has value for others, so that every life matters.

How can we reconnect with each other and shape a transition from prosperity to well-being?

Think bigger, act smaller

Transition of government

To connect with modern society, governments must relate differently to the fiercely and fundamentally changing environment. A fundamental re-evaluation of its purpose and method is inevitable. It is time for key choices and taking back control.

Civil servants can make the difference in the 21st century. By redesigning the government (culture), by organizing work differently (structure) and by thinking bigger and acting smaller (practice).

Ancestors on expedition

Society Net Positive

Ecological developments and economic challenges will lead to more uncertainties and turmoil in society in the coming decades. Survival is not the motto, but adapting is the motto. It is a transition from prosperity to well-being and from ‘I’ to we. Listening to the unheard voice.

How do we shape a resilient and compassionate society? With good fathers, brave grandmothers and wise ancestors. For ourselves and the generations to come.

How to live through the crisis

Reconnect with Self

We live in a  high-risk society. We try to manage our daily uncertainties and small risks. As a result, we have less visibility into the big challenges that have a major impact on our lives and work. Failure is stigmatized in our society and pressure on people starts to take its toll. We need to reconnect with “Self”; the purpose. Who do you want to be and what do you want to mean to others?

How do you discover your potential and instrumentalize it? How to unleash passion as an unbridled source of energy? To live a life that matters. Meeting your own expectations!

Meaning and impact

Transition of work

The jobs of the future are irrelevant. We should be more concerned about developing work that is meaningful. Work that contributes to real progress and the development of people. Not how labor contributes to competitiveness in an economy, but how work is used as a lever to achieve greater social mobility. A transition from HRM to Human Being Management.

What impact does the transformation have – on our world and the next phase of our civilization – on work and which scenarios are there?

Resilience and compassion

Personal leadership

In times of chaos and increasing uncertainty, unrest and the feeling that we are losing control increases. These revolving circumstances challenge us to find a new balance. We will only succeed if we find serenity in the upheaval and embrace the chaos as an opportunity and as a lever for fundamental change.

Take back control and go on an expedition to personal leadership. It is a journey of introspection that requires time, space and trust. From a clear connection to the profound purpose and ambitious goals.

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