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I am a global speaker, author and future thinker.
I work on vital ideas and solutions,
for the world of tomorrow.

World in transformation

Our world is in the midst of an upheaval. The next stage of our civilization will have a great impact on our lives and work.

The pandemic and the ever-increasing ecological challenges and global social unrest, have brought to the surface a deeper and more fundamental problem: our way of thinking, acting and behaving is dated.

Never before has there been a better time to reshape our future.

How can we best prepare and connect with the unleashed future?

Reconnect with purpose

We must reconnect, to deal with the great ecological, economic and social challenges. We must reconnect with nature, each other and ourselves.

With nature, so that we produce and consume sustainably within the planetary boundaries. With each other, for a resilient and engaged society. And with self; from the awareness of who you are and what you want to mean to others.

How do we transform from ego to eco? And from prosperity to well-being?

What role is there for governments and businesses? And especially for us people?

Utopia for realists

As a future thinker and inspirer of transformation, I offer clarity about the future and hope for a better world.

Every year, on all continents, I provide over two hundred inspirements. For leaders and politicians. For investors, administrators and policy makers. And especially for proactive and entrepreneurial people.

How do we together create the world that we all desire?

Where are the opportunities that we do not foresee and how can we improve our impact?

My inspirements are unique experiences
with mega impact


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Your event is very important to you and me!

How do we make your event a unique experience too?

Customization is

Almost every inspiriment is tailor-made and invariably starts with a thorough briefing and a half-day preparation.

If desired, I will also help you with the marketing and promotion of the event, for example with a customized promotional trailer for your event.

Always seamless

I always ensure a seamless connection with both the program and the background of the participants.

I almost always exceed expectations, from yourself, as well as from the participants.

Super interactive
and lots of humor

Active formats guarantee a lot of interaction. Content is leading and actuality is always in the foreground.

The anecdotes come from my own experience and are, without exception, hilarious.

Unique experience
with mega impact

My stories are not about things people like to hear, but about developments everyone should know about.

Read yourself the testimonials from participants and why I touch and move them so much.

Customization is standard
Always seamless connection
Super interactive and up-to-date
Unique experience with impact
Customization is standard

Almost every inspirational event is customized and invariably starts with a thorough briefing and half-day preparation. If you wish, we can also support you with the marketing and promotion of the event: for example through a fun blog, interview, podcast or video.

Always seamless connection

I always take care of a seamless interface with the theme of the event and the program. And of course with the background of the participants. In this way, expectations are almost always exceeded, both yours and those of the participants.

Super interactive and up-to-date

Various combinations of formats guarantee a lot of interaction, provided sufficient time is reserved in advance in the program. Current affairs are always in the foreground and the anecdotes – from my own practice – are, without exception, hilarious.

Unique experience with impact

Superb content, great designs and, above all, an activating presentation style create a lot of energy and impact. Wonder, amazement, confusion and sometimes irritation due to a look in the mirror. Read here why I touch people and set them in motion.

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on all continents

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